APC Support Limited

APC Mock Interviews

All our mentors are active assessors and chairpersons for the RICS. Some of our mentors are even auditors and sit on appeal panels.

While our Q&A practices (one-to-one mentoring) offer a cost effective, yet powerful, way to prepare for the interview, some candidates may prefer to experience the formality of an actual mock interview.

Our APC mock interviews are conducted in the exact same conditions than the real interview and delivered by two assessors. One assessor will assume to dual role of assessor and chair.

After your mock interview, your panel will provide you with at least 30 minute feedback to improve your performance and highlight outstanding areas of studying.

All our mock interviews are now delivered by Microsoft Teams and you are welcome to record your mock if you wish to.

You are expected to present yourself in professional attire and behave as you would at the actual interview. In order to maintain our standards of service, we also request that you email us your submission documents at least 3 days prior to your mock.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.