APC Support Limited

AssocRICS Application

The AssocRICS application is suitable for surveyors who do not quite have the required qualifications or experience to apply directly for MRICS.

AssocRICS candidates are solely assessed on a written submission which consists of;

  • Summary of Experience – 8 Mandatory Competencies (1,000 words)
  • Summary of Experience – 6 Technical Competencies to level 2 (2,000 words)
  • Case Study (2,000 words)
  • 48 hours CPD per 12 months period

In order to make the most of your AssocRICS preparation and support your broader career progression, we strongly recommend you to consider subscribing to our revision course in your chosen pathway. Not only our modules will provide with invaluable knowledge but they will also provide you with a large proportion of your CPD requirements.

We can provide personal support to write up your submission documents through our pre-redacted templates. Alternatively, you can opt for one-to-one mentoring sessions to review your draft. Depending on the level of support desired, 2 to 3 hours would suffice.

In addition, you should plan one or two one-to-one mentoring sessions to prepare and review your case study.