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APC Building Surveying Course

UK candidates only

Our APC Building Surveying revision course consists of the modules and units listed below. It will provide you with approximately 25 hours of formal CPD. You may record reading the additional revision materials as informal CPD.

You can subscribe to the course as a whole or purchase modules separately (Click on the module title). You will be granted a 6 month license, renewable free of charge upon request.

Please contact us if you cannot see your selected optional competencies. It is likely to be listed under a different pathway and we can naturally grant you access upon request.

We have included a large number of optional competencies in the course but you only need to complete those relevant to you.

A CPD certificate will be generated upon completion of each module.

Disclaimer: Please note that if you are working in a highly specialised field, you will need need to carry out private studying to supplement our training course.

Technical Competencies

Module 1 – Procurement and Tendering (2 hours)

While this is only an optional competency, a sound knowledge of this competency is a distinct advantage to pass the contract administration competency.

  • Unit 1: Procurement Strategies
  • Unit 2: Tendering and Tender Analysis 

Module 2 – Contract Practice and Contract Administration (4 hours)

  • Unit 1: Subcontract / Contract Selection
  • Unit 2: Payment Provisions in JCT and NEC Contracts
  • Unit 3: Time related Provisions in JCT and NEC Contracts
  • Unit 4: Securities and Termination in JCT and NEC Contracts (Including Insurance + Corporate Recovery and Insolvency to level 2)

Module 3 – Construction Technology (3 hours)

  • Unit 1: Civil Engineering Works / Substructure
  • Unit 2: Superstructure
  • Unit 3: Mechanical and Electrical Works

Module 4 – Inspection (1 hour)

Module 5 – Design and Specification (2.5 hours)

Module 6 – Building Pathology (2 hours)

Module 7 – Legal and Regulatory Compliance (3 hours)

Module 8 – Fire Safety (40 minutes)

Optional Competencies

Development / Project Briefs (50 minutes)

Works Progress and Quality Management (1 hour 10 minutes)

Maintenance Management (1 hour)

Design Economics and Cost Planning (1 hour)

Quantification and Costing (1 hour)

Project Finance (1 hour)

Risk Management (40 minutes)

Mandatory Competencies

Module A – RICS Regulations (2.5 hours)

  • Unit 1: Ethics, Rules of Conduct and Professional Practice – Part 1 (1 hour)
  • Unit 2: Ethics, Rules of Conduct and Professional Practice – Part 2 (1 hour)
  • Unit 3: Client Care (30 minutes)

Module B – Business Skills (1 hour)

  • Unit 1: Business Planning 
  • Unit 2: Accounting Principles and Procedures

Module C – Health and Safety ( 1 hour 45 minutes)

Module D – Conflict Avoidance, Management and Dispute Resolution Procedures ( 1 hour)

Unit E – Sustainability (to level 2) (1 hour)

Unit F – Data Management (40 minutes)

Module G – Inclusive Environments (to level 2) (40 minutes)

Module H – Soft Skills (1 hour)

  • Unit 1: Communication and Negotiation
  • Unit 2: Diversity, Inclusion and Teamworking