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Summary of Experience Templates

UK and MENA candidates

Our APC Summary of Experience Templates are suitable for;

  • AssocRICS Application
  • Preliminary Review
  • APC Submission Documents

Our combined years of experience as APC mentors and RICS assessors have revealed that the main difficulties encountered by APC and AssocRICS candidates when drafting their Summary of Experience are;

  • Placing project examples under the appropriate competency
  • Demonstrating the correct level
  • Articulating level 2 and 3 examples in a logical manner
  • Covering all key topics at level 1 within the tight wordcount

Our APC Summary of Experience Templates will allow you to easily overcome these difficulties and allow you to prepare your submission documents in a fraction of the time. The objective is to help you get it right first time.

The bonus? You will receive ongoing assessor feedback as you progress with your writing-up.

We have taken care of any risk of plagiarism too. Our templates are detailed enough to guide you effectively, but open enough to become unique to you once you have amended them to suit your projects’ specifics. Our APC mentors are highly familiar with our templates and will let you know if you need to reword them further.

Each pathway template includes a number of sub-templates (one for each competency) which include;

  • All core, optional and mandatory competencies
  • A dozen of concise examples to choose from at level 1
  • Continuous updates to reflect changes in legislation or RICS guidance
  • 5 to 6 examples to choose from at levels 2 and 3
  • Examples are pre-redacted to demonstrate the required level, ready for you to amend with your project details.
  • Submit your competencies as you go along for feedback from an assessor in your pathway. (Similar to counsellor review on ARC)

Our Summary of Experience Templates are currently available in the following pathways;

Disclaimer: Please note that if you are working in a highly specialised field, mentoring sessions may be more suitable. 

Please email us if you would like to request a sample of our APC Summary of Experience Templates.