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Please find below some of the key events and changes that you should be aware of for your APC final assessment. Please note that this is a non-exhaustive list and you are strongly encouraged to read the news section of the RICS website.

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  • New RICS Rules of Conduct published today!
  • You can access them here.
  • The rules of conduct for firms and members and the 5 professional and ethical standards have been all merged into a single document.
  • The purpose is to align with the International Ethics Standards.
  • The old rules will remain in force until 02 February 2022 but there are no major changes anyway.


  • ARC will not be used for APC submission this session!
  • The RICS will make a Word Document template available later today (24/09/2021) which you will need to complete, pdf, zip and email to a mailbox specific to your pathway.
  • All the information is here: September – December 2021 assessments (rics.org)
  • The whole team at APC Support Ltd knows how frustrating this will be to candidates and counsellors. You will all have to deal with a roller-coaster of feelings in the coming days but remember that this is unfortunately an event out of your control and no amount of anger, frustration or discouragement can change it.
  • We recommend you not to overthink it and to focus on transferring your documents onto the new template. Taking it one step at a time seems to be the best strategy for this session!
  • Please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] if you need any support.


  • Sean Tompkins, CEO of the RICS, and Kath Fontana, President of the RICS, have both resigned from their position following the publication of the Levitt review.
  • The President Elect Clement Lau is the new President of the RICS with immediate effect.
  • Please read the complete statement on the RICS website.


  • Following ongoing issues with ARC, the submission window for the construction pathways (UK) has been changed to 01 – 15 October 2021.



  • Consultation on the draft International Cost Management Standard, 3rd edition (ICMS 3).
  • ICMS is a standardised International methodology to collect and process cost data for benchmarking purposes.
  • ICMS 3 is proposed to incorporate sustainability and whole life costing more robustly in benchmarking.
  • Mandatory for all quantity surveyors (Design Economics and Cost planning).


  • The Fire Safety Act 2021, which amends the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, came in force on 29th April 2021.
  • You can read the RICS comments here.
  • You will find further resources on the RICS Fire Safety Hub.
  • Please be also aware of the International Fire Safety Standards


  • Defining our Future: 2021 RICS consultation
  • You are not going to be asked about it at the interview but, if you have some spare time, you could have a quick read. Section 3 relates to potential APC changes.
  • The outcomes of the consultation can be found here.


  • New RICS Professional Statement: Home Survey Standard
  • Mandatory for all Building Surveyor from 1st March 2021. Please make sure that you know what has changed.
  • You should also be familiar with the 2020 Hart v Large negligence case.



  • Amendments to the NEC 4.
  • Please click here to read what has changed.
  • This is essential knowledge for NEC users. If you are a JCT user, you do not need to study these changes unless you have mentioned in your summary of experience that you know the NEC 4.